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Project Description

​SPPoSh is an extension to the out-of-the-box SharePoint Server 2013 PowerShell cmdlets provided by Microsoft. It is entirely free to use! Building on the.NET framework, using the SharePoint Server 2013 Object Model and CSOM, SPPoSh allows users to bridge the gap between developers and IT Pros, allowing a language that is normally only aimed at the IT Pros, to interact with objects at a lower level that would normally be controlled by the Power Users and the Developers. Out-of-the-Box, PowerShell only offers cmdlets to deal with objects from the Web level and above (SPWeb developelly speaking). SPPoSh adds to that set of out-of-the-box cmdlets by adding methods that allow administrators to interact with lowr level objects such as Lists, Views, Items, Fields, Content Types, etc.

SPPoSh was built as a contribution to the community, and should never be sold as part of any 3rd Party solution without proper approval from myself. It is not considered a tool, but rather is an extension to the SharePoint Cmdlets definition. It is a product that will be in constant evolution, and will be upgraded and improved on a regular basis. My roadmap includes leveraging the CSOM and REST APIs from SharePoint to allow administrators to interact with their environment remotely, and even build upon the mind blowing 30 SharePoint Online cmdlets that Microsoft made available to us to help us manage Office 365 (very sarcastic here). This product integrates directly onto existing SharePoint farms by adding new XML Cmdlets declarations in the 15 hive of your on-premises environments. It is not meant to copy or duplicate any of the work done by my other community colleagues, it is done in a different way and integrates seemlessly.

Should you have any questions about the product, you can contact me directly on twitter @NikCharlebois​​​​​​

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