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Get-SPList -URL <Web Url> -Title <List's Name>

Returns a reference to a SharePoint list instance.


New-SPList -URL <Web URL> -Title <List's Name> -Type<SPListTemplate>

Creates a new SharePoint list at the specified location. Type is optional, if left empty, the generic list template will be used.


Move-SPList -URL <Web URL> -Title <Source list's name> -Destination <URL of the destination Web> -NewTitle <Destination List's Name>

Copies an existing list with all of its content over to a different SharePoint web.​


Remove-SPList -URL<Web URL> -Title <List's Name>

Deletes an existing SharePoint list.


Set-SPList -URL <Web URL> -Title <List's Name> -NewTitle <New Title for existing list>

Modifies the title of an existing SharePoint list.


​SPPoSh v1.0.0.0

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